On December 2nd, 2023, the College Auditorium was charged with entrepreneurial zeal during the “Venture Vibes” session, an integral part of the flagship event “La Belle ’23” organized by WOW IEDC MESCE under IEDC MESCE, Dr. Shahma Ahmed, a distinguished speaker, led this interactive and informative session.

Dr.Shahma Ahmed, in an engaging manner, shared insights on entrepreneurial skills and essential factors crucial for successful startups in India. The session aimed to familiarize the audience with various business and entrepreneurial terms while providing a comprehensive understanding of the startup ecosystem.

Drawing from her own entrepreneurial journey, Dr. Shahma Ahmed recounted the inception of her company, Cocoroots. She provided a detailed narrative covering technical processes, challenges faced, and valuable know-how in establishing a company.

One of the session highlights was an interactive competition where Dr. Shahma Ahmed divided the audience into five groups. Each group was tasked with pitching a business idea before a panel of judges, enticing them to invest 1 crore rupees. This engaging activity encouraged participants to apply their knowledge and creativity in real-time.

In a gesture of appreciation, Mrs. Ashna O P, extended a token of gratitude to Dr. Shahma Ahmed for her insightful and enriching session.

Feedback was thoughtfully collected from the attendees, allowing them to express their opinions and suggestions. This feedback is instrumental in shaping future sessions and ensuring continual improvement.

Venture Vibes” emerged as a dynamic and educational session, providing valuable insights into the entrepreneurial landscape. Di. Shahma Ahmed’s expertise and the interactive pitching activity made this session a standout success, contributing significantly to the overall success of La Belle ’23.


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