Creating Value in the Market

On January 25th, 2023, IEDC MESCE in association with Institution’s Innovation Council
organized a workshop as a part of the Entrepreneurial Odyssey series. The workshop was titled
Creating Value in the Market” and was conducted from 1:30 PM to 4:30 PM. The event was
handled by Mr. Shakeel Ahammed, a trainer and entrepreneur.
The workshop began with an introduction by Mr. Shakeel Ahammed, where he discussed the
importance of creating value in the market for the success of any business. He emphasized the
need for entrepreneurs to understand the market and the customers’ needs and tailor their
products or services accordingly.
The workshop was interactive, and participants were encouraged to share their ideas and
experiences. Mr. Shakeel Ahammed provided valuable insights and practical tips on how to
conduct market research, identify customer needs, and create a unique value proposition. He also
discussed the importance of branding and marketing in creating value for customers.
The participants had a lot of queries, and Mr. Shakeel Ahammed addressed all of them with
clarity and precision. The attendees appreciated the hands-on approach of the workshop and the
real-world examples provided by the speaker.
Overall, the workshop was a great success and provided valuable insights into creating value in
the market for entrepreneurs. The attendees walked away with a better understanding of how
to conduct market research, identify customer needs, and create a unique value proposition for
their products or services. The IEDC MESCE team received positive feedback from the
participants and thanked Mr. Shakeel Ahammed for his valuable contributions.


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