On 10th February 2023INSPIRIA conducted an Workshop titled “EXPELLIARMUS” for the students of various colleges. The event was held from 6:00 pm to 7:00 pm and aimed to encourage students to think creatively and discussed about how to create a high interview generating resume. The EXPELLIARMUS was led by Ms. Aparna Mulbery ,who conducted an interactive and engaging session for the students.

A total of 142 students participated in the event and were given the opportunity to ask questions and get them answered by the speaker. The session was mainly aimed to provide students with an better understanding of how to create a high interview generating resumes and how to develop a good personality, what are your best act. What is the value that you bring ,what make you unique from others.

The EXPELLIARMUS session was a dynamic and enthusiastic one for the participants of INSPIRIA’23. The speaker’s extensive knowledge in the field of RESUME BUILDING was so good. The session was well-received by the students those who gathered there. The students were so motivated and Informated.

At the end of the session, feedback was collected from the participants, which was overwhelmingly positive. The students gathered for INSPIRIA’23 were so whelmed by the session of inverted coconut which helped to clarify the concepts and provided them with a deeper understanding of the topic.

Overall, the “EXPELLIARMUS” was a highly successful event that inspired and encouraged the students to think creatively.


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