Hire Cautiously

Event Report: Workshop on Hire Cautiously
The workshop on “Hire Cautiously” was conducted on 27th January 2023 as a part of the
Entrepreneurial Odyssey workshop series organized by IEDC MESCE in association with
Institution’s Innovation Council. The event was held from 1:30 PM to 4:30 PM and was
handled by Mr. Vishal SG, Assistant Professor at MESCE.
The workshop began with a brief introduction by Mr. Vishal, who highlighted the importance of
hiring the right employees for a business to succeed. He then delved into the various aspects of
hiring, including job descriptions, sourcing candidates, interviewing, and reference checks. He
emphasized the importance of being thorough and cautious when hiring to ensure that the
candidate is the right fit for the company.
Mr. Vishal also discussed the importance of creating a positive work culture and how this can
affect employee retention. He shared his own experiences of hiring employees and the lessons he
learned from his past experiences. He also shared some practical tips on how to attract and retain
the right employees.
The participants were actively engaged in the workshop, asking questions and sharing their own
experiences. The workshop was well-received by the participants, with many praising Mr.
Vishal’s knowledge and insights on the topic.
Overall, the workshop on “Hire Cautiously” was a great success, providing valuable insights and
practical tips on how to hire the right employees for a business. The event was well-organized
and the participation was very good. The IEDC MESCE team and the speaker Mr. Vishal SG for
conducting the workshop and providing the participants with valuable information that will help
them in their entrepreneurial journey.


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