The IEDC Summit 23′, held at CET on October 12th, proved to be a powerhouse of inspiration and practical knowledge for aspiring entrepreneurs and innovators. With a diverse range of sessions, workshops, and interactions, the summit provided a platform for several students to delve into the exciting world of startups and cutting-edge technology.

The day kicked off with an inspiring inauguration by Dr. Bindu, Honourable Minister of Higher Education, Government of Kerala. Her words of encouragement and emphasis on the importance of entrepreneurship in driving economic growth set the tone for the rest of theevent.

The several talk sessions kept the audience engaged with insightful talks on various topics, including: “India’s vision in space, Aryabhatta to Aditya-L1“, “Disruptive Dynamics: Gen Innovations in Shaping Student Start-ups”, “Engineering a Start-up,” “Mastering Personal Finance Startup Basics,” and more provided practical advice on vital aspects of launching and managing a startup.etc

A Special Address by Shri. Prasanth Nair IAS, Special Secretary to Government of Kerala:Shri. Nair’s address provided crucial insights into the government’s initiatives and support mechanisms for startups, empowering aspiring entrepreneurs with knowledge of availableresources.

The summit further enriched participants with an UX Masterclass: This hands-on session equipped participants with the fundamentals of user experience design, a crucial skill for building successful and user-centric products. As well as Workshops: From Fablab Screen Printing and Web development with FASTN to DAPP development and crypto, the workshops offered participants a chance to get hands-on experience with diverse technologies and tools.

Engaging panel discussions facilitated open dialogues and knowledge sharing on various topics, providing participants with diverse perspectives and valuable insights from industry experts.

The IEDC SUMMIT 23′ was a catalyst for igniting entrepreneurial spirit, fostering innovation, and equipping aspiring students with the knowledge and skills to navigate the dynamic world of startups. The summit’s impact was evident in the enthusiastic participation, insightful discussions, and the spark of passion ignited in the eyes of every student.

In conclusion, the IEDC Summit 23 stands as a testament to the power of collaboration and knowledge sharing in fostering the next generation of entrepreneurs and innovators. The summit’s success is a credit to the organisers and speakers, and its impact on the participants will undoubtedly continue to inspire and empower them on their entrepreneurial journeys.


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