On December 2nd, 2023, the College Auditorium buzzed with inspiration and empowerment during the “Empower Mint” session, a part of the flagship event “La Belle ’23” organized by WOW IEDC MESCE under the IEDC MESCE.

Ms. Fathima Minha T took the stage and delivered a powerful motivational session. She shared personal anecdotes, delving into her family background and recounting stories about her brother. Through her narrative, she illustrated her journey, the challenges she faced, and how she transformed into a motivational speaker. Her account highlighted the hurdles she encountered and the unwavering support she received from her family.

The session served as a catalyst for motivation, inspiring attendees with stories of resilience and determination. Ms. Reema Shaji extended a token of gratitude to Ms. Fathima Minha T, acknowledging her impactful and motivational session.

Feedback was collected from the audience, providing an opportunity for participants to express their thoughts and reflections on the session. This feedback serves as a valuable tool for continuous improvement and future event planning.

“Empower Mint” was a remarkable session, igniting motivation and fostering a spirit of resilience among the participants. Ms. Fathima Minha T‘s personal journey and words of encouragement left an indelible mark, contributing significantly to the overall success of La Belle ’23.


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