On September 20, 2023, the Innovation and Entrepreneurship Development Centre(IEDC) of MES College of Engineering (MESCE) at CSE seminar hall played host to a gathering of 80 enthusiastic participants, all eager to glean insights from Mr.Govindharamam S on “FASTNfolio: Web Development Using FASTN“. At precisely 1:15p.m., the seminar commenced, setting thestage for an engaging and informative session.

Mr. Govindharamam S adeptly navigated the nuances of FASTNfolio, employing practical demonstrations and lucid explanations. Hispresentation style ensured accessibility to even the most intricate concepts, reinforcing the significance of FASTN in the realm of web development.In a fitting display of appreciation, Nodal Officer Mr. Harikrishnan Sir extended a token of gratitude to the guest speaker, recognizing the significant contribution made to the seminar.This gesture added a touch of professionalism and acknowledged Mr. Govindharamam S’s expertise.

Feedback forms were thoughtfully distributed and collected, ensuring that the participants thoughts and suggestions are valued for future endeavors. This commitment to improvement underscores the dedication of the organizers and demonstrates a culture of continuous learning.


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