On August 19, 2023, the Innovation and Entrepreneurship Development Centre (IEDC) of MES College of Engineering (MESCE) attended the much-anticipated “Young Idea Conclave” hosted by NIT Calicut. Organized by Innovations Expeditions (IVAEX) in partnership with Kerala Startup Mission, this event aimed to ignite innovation and foster collaborative ideation. Proudly supported by NIT Calicut, and co-supported by IETCU Calicut, GEC Calicut, MDIT Calicut, and MESCE Kuttipuram, the conclave drew together a diverse community of professionals with a shared commitment to driving innovation.

The conclave’s proceedings commenced promptly at 9:30 AM with the inaugural address by the esteemed Assistant Collector Shri. Prateek Jain IAS. The conclave was set in motion with a gracious welcome speech by esteemed Mr. Noushad M Ali, extending gratitude and acknowledging the contributions of all collaborating entities, including the esteemed members of MESCE IEDC.A thought-provoking keynote address, delivered by Mr. Anoop P Ambika, laid the foundation for the day’s discussions. Notably, the event recognized IEDCMESCE with a memento by Assistant Collector Shri. Prateek Jain IAS for being co-supporters and participating actively throughout the event.

The conclave’s highlight was an engaging panel discussion featuring 12 distinguished
panelists namely: Mr. Roshan Kynadi,Mr. Mehroof Manalody, Dr.Vineeth Abraham, Mr. CS
Ashique A M, Mr. Ashok Panjikaran, Mr. Anil Balan, Mrs. Aparna Vinod, Mr. Asif
Theyyampattil, Dr. Preethi M, Prof. M K Ravi Varma, Dr. Muhammad Shafi, Dr. Johnson Y.

Their diverse perspectives enriched discussions on the challenges and prospects within the
innovation domain. Simultaneously, the “Idea Pitching” session unfolded in a dedicated space
starting from 9 AM, providing emerging innovators the platform to showcase their pioneering

As the event concluded by 12:30 PM, a heartfelt vote of thanks was extended, acknowledging
all contributors. The “Young Idea Conclave” left an indelible imprint on participants, fueling
their commitment to continue the journey of innovation with renewed vigor.


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