On 12th February, as part of the flagship event of IEDC MESCEINSPIRIA 23, a Mentalism show was conducted by the renowned Mentalist Jishnu.He showcased various mentalism techniques during the show, which included mind-reading, prediction, and illusion. The participants were mesmerized by his amazing skills, and their reactions were indicative of the show’s success. The show was attended by 140 + participants and volunteers.

Throughout the event, Jishnu engaged with the participants, making them a part of the show, and creating an immersive experience.They were asked to participate in the mentalism tricks, which allowed them to step out of their comfort zones and experience something new and exciting. He used a combination of humor and suspense to maintain the audience’s attention and interest.

The volunteers supported the event by managing the audience, and ensuring the smooth flow of the program. The participants expressed their appreciation for the show and acknowledged the efforts of the organizers.

In conclusion, the INSPIRIA 23 Mentalism Show provided an opportunity for the participants to experience the thrill of mentalism, and the interactive session made it a memorable experience for all.


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