Introduction to Autocad

The “Introduction to AutoCAD” workshop, conducted as part of INSPIRIA’23, the annual flagship event of IEDC MESCE, was a great success. The workshop took place on 11th February 2022, from 09:30-04:30, and included both hands-on and interactive workshops. The workshop was designed to provide participants with an understanding of the basics of AutoCAD, a computer-aided design (CAD) software, and its applications in various fields.The hands-on workshop was conducted by experienced AutoCAD professionals who provided
participants with a comprehensive understanding of the software’s practical applications. The trainers covered various topics, including the user interface, creating and editing objects, using layers, annotating drawings, and plotting. The participants were given a chance to practice on real-time simulations, where they learned to apply the concepts learned during the workshop. The hands-on approach helped participants to understand the technicalities of AutoCAD and its applications better.The interactive workshop was another highlight of the event. The workshop was conducted by industry experts who shared their insights and experiences with the participants. The interactive session included discussions on the latest trends in AutoCAD and their impact on various fields. The experts also addressed various queries of the participants, providing them with a better understanding of the software’s practical applications.The “Introduction to AutoCAD” workshop was attended by a diverse group of participants, including students and professionals from various fields such as civil engineering, architecture, mechanical engineering, and electrical engineering. The workshop was structured in a way that catered to the needs of each participant, regardless of their skill level. The workshop provided an excellent opportunity for participants to learn from experienced professionals and practice
using AutoCAD, enhancing their skills and knowledge.The event was well-organized and received positive feedback from the participants. The trainers were highly experienced and provided valuable insights to the participants. The interactive session was highly informative and provided an opportunity for participants to interact with industry experts.In conclusion, the “Introduction to AutoCAD” workshop conducted as part of INSPIRIA’23 was a great success. The event provided an excellent opportunity for participants to learn and enhance their skills in using AutoCAD. The hands-on workshop and interactive session were highly informative and provided valuable insights to the participants. The event was well- organized, and the trainers and experts provided high-quality guidance to the participants. The workshop was a significant step towards promoting the practical applications of AutoCAD in various fields, and it equipped the participants with the knowledge and skills required to use AutoCAD effectively.


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