Introduction to Motion Graphics

IEDC MESCE in collaboration with IEDC KMCT Polytechnic College conducted an interactive workshop session on “Introduction to Motion Graphics” it brings you a complete hands-on experience to delve into the world of motion graphics on 26th November 2022 from 9:30 onwards. The session was handled by the former CCO of IEDC MESCE : Mr. Shehin Mohammed.

The session included Introduction to Motion Graphics Applications, Tool familiarization in Adobe After Effects, Hands on Training. He emphasized how to excel in this field.

The event was conducted on Main Seminar Hall and there were over 40 participants. The session was informative and helpful for the participants as it was the common acknowledgement given by them. The session ended with an interactive Q/A session and the feedbacks were collected from the participants.

Volunteers from both colleges have equally contributed in designing the posters and conducting the events .


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