The College Auditorium was brimming with enthusiasm during the “Mingle & Munch” session on December 2nd, 2023. This engaging session, part of the flagship event “La Belle ’23”, organized by WOW IEDC MESCE under IEDC MESCE, featured Ms. Athula Musthafa as the esteemed speaker.

Ms. Athula Musthafa, in her captivating storytelling style, shared her remarkable journey of becoming a Radio Jockey (RJ). She candidly recounted the hurdles she encountered on her path, including educational and relationship challenges, and how she triumphed over them.Her narrative provided valuable insights into her life, showcasing her journey until the present day.

In an interactive and engaging manner, Ms. Athula Musthafa encouraged audience participation, boosting their self-confidence and helping them overcome stage fear. She even involved certain audience members in a singing activity, fostering an atmosphere of camaraderie and self-assurance.

Feedback was thoughtfully collected from the attendees, enabling them to express their impressions and reflections on the session. This feedback serves as a valuable resource for future event planning and improvements.

The “Mingle & Munch” session proved to be an inspiring and interactive experience for all attendees. Ms. Athula Musthafa’s narrative of resilience, leaving a lasting impact and contributing significantly to the success of La Belle ’23 and the end of the session was marked by a token of appreciation which was provided to Ms. Athula Musthafa by Mrs.Remya MS.


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