On 2nd December 2023, the College Auditorium buzzed with energy as Mrs. Krithi Rohithram hosted “Unwrap and M&MS” an engaging ice-breaking session. This session, organized as part of the flagship event “Labelle ’23” by WOW IEDCE MESCE under IEDC MESCE, set a candy-themed tone for the festivities to follow.

The interactive session served as a catalyst for social interaction and fostering connections among the audience. Mrs. Krithi Rohithram orchestrated a series of activities and games, ingeniously designed to encourage socializing and enhance bonding among the attendees.

Unwrap and M&MS” provided a platform for everyone to introduce themselves, encouraging a sense of camaraderie and mutual understanding among the audience members.The session’s vibrant and interactive nature ensured that participants not only had fun but also got to know each other on a personal level.

In a gesture of appreciation, Mrs. Nasarathul Nisha P K, extended a token of gratitude to Dr.Krithi Rohithram for her insightful and enriching session.

Feedback collected at the end of the session helped gauge the participants’ experience. Their input is invaluable in shaping future sessions, ensuring continued improvement in fostering connections and breaking the ice.

In summary, “Unwrap and M&Ms” was a vibrant and interactive ice-breaking session masterfully conducted by Mrs. Krithi Rohithram. The session’s success lay in its ability to create a welcoming environment, encouraging social interaction, and setting the tone for an engaging Labelle ’23 event series.


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