Test your Ideas

Event Report: Test Your Ideas Workshop
Date: January 18th, 2023
Time: 01:30 PM – 04:30 PM

The “Test Your Ideas” workshop was held as a part of the “Entrepreneurial Odyssey”
workshop series organized by the IEDC at MES College of Engineering in association with
Institution’s Innovation Council. The workshop was conducted by Ms. Reema Shaji, Global
UGRAD Scholar.

The workshop aimed to provide participants with the knowledge and skills necessary to test and
validate their business ideas. The attendees were introduced to various testing methods and
techniques that can be used to determine the feasibility and potential success of their ideas.
The workshop began with an introduction by Ms. Reema, who provided an overview of the
topics that would be covered throughout the session. She emphasized the importance of testing
and validating business ideas before investing time and resources into them.
Ms. Reema then provided an in-depth look at various testing methods such as customer
interviews, focus groups, and minimum viable products (MVPs). Attendees were provided with
practical examples and case studies to help them understand how to apply these methods in
real-world scenarios.
The attendees were given the opportunity to work in groups and test their own business ideas
using the methods discussed in the workshop. Ms. Reema provided guidance and feedback on
their testing methods and results.
The workshop ended with a Q&A session where the attendees had the opportunity to ask any
questions they had and receive further guidance from Ms. Reema.
Overall, the workshop was highly interactive and provided valuable insights and guidance to the
participants. Attendees expressed their satisfaction with the event and reported that they have
gained good knowledge on how to test and validate their business ideas.


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