Career Catalyst

On March 18th, “Career Catalyst” workshop, hosted by IEDC MESCE and MATRICS in
collaboration with the CSE Department’s Placement Cell. The event, held in the CSE
Seminar Hall, had a total of 68 participants who embarked on a journey to the forefront of
the tech industry.

As the clock struck 9:30 AM, the workshop commenced, offering a dynamic blend of
interactive sessions, expert insights, and practical guidance. Led by Mr. Aravind
Chelakkode, Principal Product Manager, Microsoft, the workshop delved deep into
essential skills, strategies, and insights required for success in the competitive tech landscape.
Participants were guided through resume crafting, interview preparation, personal branding,
and networking strategies, equipping them with invaluable tools and knowledge to propel
their careers forward.

Furthermore, the workshop provided a platform for networking and collaboration, connecting
students with industry mentors, alumni, and recruiters. Connections were forged, and
relationships nurtured, fostering a vibrant community united by a shared vision of excellence
and achievement.

As the day concluded, participants departed with newfound confidence, clarity, and
determination to navigate the complexities of the tech industry. Armed with insights, skills,
and connections gained from the Career Catalyst Workshop, they were poised to pursue their
career aspirations with unwavering determination.


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