TinkHerHack 2.0

The halls of ZilMoney Office, Manjeri echoed with excitement and anticipation on March
16th-17th, as TinkerHub, WOW IEDC MESCE, and ZESA Student Community
Powered by ZilMoney, proudly presented Kerala’s largest women-only hackathon –
TinkHerHack 2.0

With a total of 50+ participants, the event was a testament to the growing enthusiasm and
talent among women in the field of technology and innovation.
The hackathon kicked off with an electrifying atmosphere, as participants gathered to embark
on a journey of creativity, collaboration, and problem-solving. From seasoned professionals
to aspiring enthusiasts, TinkHerHack 2.0 brought together a diverse array of individuals,
united by their passion for technology and their drive to make a difference.

Throughout the event, participants engaged in intensive brainstorming sessions, leveraging
their skills and expertise to tackle a range of challenges. Guided by mentors and industry
experts, they delved deep into coding, design, and innovation, exploring new ideas and
pushing the boundaries of what is possible.

Teams worked tirelessly, fueled by their shared vision and determination to create impactful
solutions. From mobile apps to web platforms, the projects showcased a remarkable blend of
creativity, technical prowess, and social consciousness.

Amidst the intense competition, camaraderie flourished, as participants exchanged ideas,
offered support, and forged lasting connections. The spirit of sisterhood permeated the event,
empowering women to embrace their potential, celebrate their achievements, and inspire one
another to reach new heights.


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